“Ousther” written and directed for the screen

Two time Academy Award Best Actress Hillary Swank as Rector Helen Dragas

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The people have entrusted in me to do what I believe is in the best interest for myself; if I want the University community’s opinion, I will give it to them”. 
Making her  dramatic motion picture debut, Melissa McCarthy as President Teresa Sullivan

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“I don’t know which end that came out of, but I think I got just got fired!” 


Famed comedian Chevy Chase as former President John Casteen III

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JTC III: “Lotta can you fix me sandwich please sweatheart.”

Betsy Casteen: “John, my name is Betsy…Lotta was your second wife…

JTC III: “Sorry Sweetheart! I just downed my second flight of Barboursville red, you know that stuff gets me regressive!” 


Dame Maggie Smith as Vice President of Student Affairs Pat Lampkin 

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“I have not slept in 72 hours, and I have no intention of beginning now” 


The Doc from “Back to the Future” as Interim President Carl Zeithama

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“I have no idea what I’m doing, but at least people can’t hate on this face.” 
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2 thoughts on ““Ousther” written and directed for the screen

  1. […] campus and surrounding community. I’ve been hooked on the news each day. I enjoyed reading funny posts on this blog about a hypothetical movie of The Ouster and this article about the implications […]

  2. JD says:

    You missed on Dragas. Try this one….http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0526985/

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