“Ousther”, the presidential saga continues with

William H. Macy as Governor Bob McDonnell

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“I fully understand your concerns and questions, and I refuse to answer. You see, I cannot intervene since I’m not a board member…I don’t have that kind of money.”


Master of dramatic acting Meryl Streep as Faculty Senate member Gweneth West

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“We will not stop until there is liberty restored on this Lawn! As Mother Theresa once said, ‘Reinstate Terry’ “. 


Full House father, Bob Saget, as Vice Rector Mark Kington 

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“I read a Wall Street Journal article today that has prompted me into believing that the best way for me to act is to resign, so I will, as a fully trust this 1 article. A New York Times article suggests I should make something called ‘an apology’, and lastly Forbes says St. Kitts is the new Hamptons, ‘hoo knew?!” 


Best Actor for “Capote”, Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Faculty Senate Chair George Cohen

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“We will demand answers softly, we will storm into the BoV meeting gingerly, we will aggressively seek the truth in a calm manor, and we will raucously rally down the Lawn in silence”.

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